We are pleased to present you a new exhibitor at Healthcare Travel Expo 2019 - Visit Finland

We are pleased to present you a new exhibitor at Healthcare Travel Expo 2019 - Visit Finland

Visit Finland is Finland’s national tourism office and part of the state-owned Business Finland. We promote medical travel to Finland and provide you all the support you need in finding the right hospital, clinic or rehabilitation facility in Finland.


The Finnish healthcare system provides comprehensive and high-quality healthcare from primary healthcare services to specialized medical care. Knowledge and expertise have enabled Finland to reach a steady position as one of the wealthiest, healthiest and most prosperous countries in the world. Finland has a longer life expectancy than the EU average and is ranked as one of the leading countries in terms of quality of life. In 2018, Finland topped the World Happiness Report based on factors such as freedom, honesty, welfare, good health, and generosity.


The results achieved by Finnish healthcare are world class in many areas, such as in the effectiveness of specialized medical care, in decreasing cancer mortality, and in screening and vaccination coverage. Finnish researchers continuously contribute to international medical research and towards developing innovative technologies. Finnish research groups, as members of the international scientific community, have achieved many breakthroughs in diagnostics and the treatment and prevention of cancer, cardiovascular diseases and neurological conditions.


The quick adaptation of latest research results and use of high technology in diagnostics, care and aftercare ensure positive results in the treatment of many serious diseases. The Finnish system is based on prevention, early detection and arranging adequate health services for everyone.


Facts about Finland

• Leader in value-for-money healthcare

• Cancer patient survival rates among the best in Europe

• Maternal and child mortality rates among the lowest in the world

• #1 in availability of latest technologies

• Most stable country in the world

• Cleanest air in the world


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